Mt. Pleasant, Texas

 Dr Pepper Restoration Project 

The Dr Pepper brick advertisement located on the side of

Jo's Downtown is the largest hand-painted Dr Pepper advertisement in Texas.

During the time of its restoration the building was owned by Jo Campbell and was the home to her

business Jo's Antiques. For many years she tried to get the billboard redone until finally making contact

with Main Street Director Jacob Hatfield who opened the door to Dr Pepper by calling the Dr Pepper headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Jacob's phone call was soon returned by Division Sales Manager

for Dr Pepper's Heartland Region Scott McDowell and Dr Pepper got involved right away.

"We were very interested in helping re-do the mural," said Scott McDowell. "We thought

this was good fit for Dr Pepper to work with the City of Mount Pleasant to

make this happen and bring the mural back to reality."

"Restoration of this mural helps restore a piece of our city's history,"  

said Jacob Hatfield.

"It truly was a joint effort," Jo Campbell said. " One person couldn't get it all done.

It took everyone pulling together." 

 Dr Pepper billboard
The Dr Pepper advertisement is painted on the oldest building in Mount Pleasant.
In 2014 the interior of this historic building was renovated, revived and renamed Jo’s.
Mount Pleasant, Texas

Jo's Downtown

All about community, coffee, music, food, art and much more.

Dr Pepper
Dr Pepper sponsored this hand-painted memorial plaque to honor Jo Campbell.
"In Loving Memory Of Our Faithful Friend, Main Street Advocate and Dr Pepper Champion"


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