Tiger Billboard Restoration

Mount Pleasant, Texas

Mt. Pleasant Tigers of Mount PLeasant Texas

For over 70 years the iconic

"Home of the Mt. Pleasant Tigers"

billboard has remained on the west side

of the old Mount Pleasant Gymnasium.  The vintage photo shows the original billboard as it appeared back in 1948 and throughout the years some changes were made to the hand-painted billboard including the tiger image. 


Mount Pleasant Gymnasium 1939 -

Mt. Pleasant Sports of Mount Pleasant ,Texas


The Tiger Roars Again 


Drivers on Mount Pleasant's West First and Edwards Streets can admire a refreshed and restored

Tiger Country mural on the west side of the former Mount Pleasant High School gymnasium. 


"We want to thank the Boatners for their generous gift to the people of Mount Pleasant, and particularly

to those who attended Mount Pleasant High when this building was the high school gym," said

Dr. Lynn Dehart, MPISD Superintendent of Schools. "This building and its billboard are important

parts of the history of MPISD schools. I'm pleased that, because of Suzy and Jerry's gift,

we have been able to restore the billboard to its former glory." 




Mount Pleasant Texas Independent School District

Pictured in front of the billboard are MPISD Board President Joey Mayfield,

MPISD Superintendent of schools Dr. Lynn Dehart, artist David Freeman, Suzy and Jerry Boatner


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